In order for doctors to improve both clinical efficacy and workflow, new expert derived methodologies on how to solve a particular clinical problem leveraging True 3D tools need to be implemented. 

EchoPixel works closely with luminary centers to identify a clinical problem that would benefit from accurate 3D representations. Together with world experts we develop specialized protocols that integrate: 

  • Image Strategy. A True 3D protocol starts by providing a doctor with an optimal representation of the relevant anatomy to the clinical problem. 
  • Context. Because anatomy is complex by itself, a True 3D protocol providing additional contextual information overlaid on the 3D anatomy with the goal of lowering the cognitive load. 
  • Usability tools. Patients are not the same and images are never perfect, a True 3D protocol provides on the fly tools to perform special interactions for identifying, characterizing, sizing and problem solving directly from the raw source data.