EchoPixel True 3D brings virtual reality to healthcare

HP Blog | Rhea Mathew

Tech-savvy consumers who have been following the developments of virtual reality technology are likely familiar with the immersive gaming experience using VR devices such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. These devices use headgear that has limited application when it comes to being used by clinicians.

But technology innovators, including HP and partner EchoPixel, see a broader future for VR applications, such as those that enhance healthcare.

True 3D, a powerful tool that has gained FDA approval for certain applications, is one that allows doctors to better analyze medical images, arrive at more accurate diagnoses and assist in the planning of complex surgical procedures.

EchoPixel True 3D Virtual Reality Solution, which is powered by HP, has been on the market since March 2015 but the FDA’s nod allows the system to now turn the corner on market acceleration by making the solution usable for diagnostic and planning purposes.