EchoPixel prepares to ship VR tools on HP platform

Aunt Minnie | Eric Barnes

Advanced visualization firm EchoPixel made a major step toward broader clinical acceptance of its True 3D Viewer advanced visualization tools this week. The company is getting ready to begin shipping a version of the holographic technology based on virtual reality (VR) displays and workstations from computer giant HP.

The HP Zvr display and HP's Z440 workstation have been customized to work with EchoPixel's technology, EchoPixel said. As a result, the True 3D Viewer is now available with the HP Zvr interactive virtual reality display in a combined platform that's been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, EchoPixel said. The FDA required additional testing to sell the EchoPixel software as a bundle with HP's hardware, a process which is now complete. After finalizing internal protocols, the company said it will begin shipping by the end of July.