EchoPixel Launches With FDA 510(k) Clearance to Bring Interactive Virtual Reality to Healthcare

EchoPixel launched today, introducing a new generation of medical visualization solutions that will transform the practice and study of healthcare. The company announced 510(k) FDA clearance of its True3D Viewer, the first platform to convert anatomical data from patients into fully interactive, three-dimensional virtual reality images.

Working hand-in-hand with top surgeons and radiologists across the country, EchoPixel has created a pioneering technology with clinically relevant applications. True3D enables a new world of patient care, allowing medical professionals and students to interact with patient-specific body parts in an open 3D space emanating from a desktop display. EchoPixel's True3D Viewer brings data from MRI scans, CT scans, and all DICOM imaging to life, letting doctors examine and interact with anatomical structures in an intuitive and non-invasive way. By presenting patient data in lifelike 3D, EchoPixel's technology has been shown to dramatically improve both speed and efficacy across a broad range of medical operations.