EchoPixel Partners With HP to Bring Virtual Reality to Healthcare

EchoPixel announced today that it is collaborating with HP to deliver a revolutionary new virtual reality technology called True 3D to the healthcare system. The joint hardware and software system provides users with a remarkable new way to examine and dissect educational images of patient-specific anatomy. This collaboration will provide medical facilities around the country, and the world, with the power of truly 3D visualization.

EchoPixel's True 3D is a real-time, interactive virtual reality system that leverages existing data. It lets users view and interact with images of patient tissue and organs as if they were real physical objects, in a way that is not possible with current imaging technology. The system is designed to address a pain point in imaging workflows: the cognitive challenge of interpreting three-dimensional patient anatomy from two-dimensional images displayed on a flat surface. With the True 3D system, patient anatomy is presented as a fully volumetric, interactive image in open 3D space. Unlike some kinds of virtual reality, it is non-isolating and does not require an immersive headset.